"If you want to become a better runner, begin by running better."

Pete Magil, oldest American to break 15:00 for a 5k (just a few months shy of his 50th birthday)


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It takes the right type of strength to run with proper form.
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Years ago, before the "new" way of swimming came along; I'd spent good money to go to a swim clinic at a major university in Philly with hopes of becoming a better swimmer. What I ended up paying for was a video (vhs) of me swimming as the coach YELLED "get your head up". But here's the thing. Every time I pulled my head up, my long runner legs anchored me, and I slowed down.

How would you like to eat what ever you want and still have a six pack?
Of course that's not the way things work, but there is still a way that food alone can get you that six pack. Intrigued?
First another question. Why can kids eat junk and still transform into strong lean young adults?

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