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  • Cutting Edge Running Techniques
    Learn the skills of proper running to gain speed, prevent injuries, and maximize your running abilities.
  • Group Lessons, Presentations, and Demo's
    Have a team or group that could benefit by learning the skills needed to run faster, more efficient, and injury free?
  • Private Coaching Options (monthly subscription)
    Your own private running coach, on a monthly basis. Pick a goal and work with your coach to achieve that goal. Great for spring racing, summer triathlons, and fall marathons.
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis
    Looking to "see" what's holding you back? Remove the brakes with slow motion video analysis of your running.

Learn Cutting Edge Running Techniques
  • In-person skills lesson
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis before and after running form
  • Learn the 3 main laws of running & the proper head, hand, hip, and heel movements that make your faster and more efficient
  • Follow up email with review and recommendations

Initial Running Skills Lesson



Follow up Lessons


NOTE: I will review your history, find your current state of fitness and form, and provide you with all the information you need to become the most efficient runner you can be. (Many people work with this information for a week or two, work on developing new skills and habits, and then come back for a 2nd or 3rd Coaching Session to fine tune and work out any bad habits, and make sure that their new habits are functionally working. Quick, and easy, and simply the best on the market.


Group Lessons, Presentations & Demo's
  • In-person consult/training/economy session (min 6 people, contact me for price above 10 at

Group Lesson

$25/per person

NOTE: I will instruct/teach your group the skills of running that will make them the most efficient runners possible.This is the newest/cutting edge information. Stay ahead of your completion.


Private Coaching Options (monthly subscription)
  • Dynamic training schedule/log emailed by your Run360 coach
  • Workouts adapted to your changing running needs and goals
  • Individualized training paces for every workout
  • Free Advanced Sports Chiropractic evaluation for strength and flexibility issues
  • Unlimited email/text correspondence with your coach
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis before and after running form
  • One in-person consult/training/economy session per month with your coach (Doylestown, PA only)

Private Coaching


NOTE: This is not a static cookie cutter program designed for a range of runners. It will not be the same plan you followed last year. Your needs today will differ from your needs last year and even next year. Your program is designed to optimize you as a runner. It will keep pace with your fitness and running skills as you get stronger, faster, more efficient, and more flexible. It is a custom dynamic training plan. Plus all the skill work as described in the Running Skills Lesson.


Slow Motion Video Analysis
  • In-person video analysis session
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis before and after running form
  • Follow up email with video review and form recommendations

Video Analysis


NOTE: Want to see what is holding you back? I guarantee that I can find your "brake" system, and show you haw to stop using them. Making you instantly faster and more efficient.




The Building Blocks of RUN360

This initial focus keys in on building your base. Before you can move on we must enhance your cardiovascular system which includes an increase in blood volume, strengthening the mitochondria system, strengthening muscles and connective tissue, developing neurological pathways, which will lead to proper form and economical leg turnover. All the while keeping & increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Phase 2. PACING
This next focus builds on your cardiovascular gains by developing multiple gears, anaerobic threshold, lactic acid buffers, balance & flexibility, and increased endurance.

Phase 3. SPEED & POWER
Now that a stable base is in place it’s time to improve VO2max, better your neuro muscular response, improve your strength to weight ratio and running economy. At this part in the cycle you will work on developing the ability to endure a higher level of output by improving your lactic acid tolerance. You will also continue to increase core strength and flexibility.

Phase 4. PEAKING
The final phase is designed to heal and fine tune the body and mind for your event. Your overall conditioning will peak, you will mentally sharpen your race day strategy, and hyper elevate energy stores. You will become race ready!



The 3 Laws of RUN360

STRIDE RATE The number of steps per minute you run. Improving your stride rate by just a few steps per minute can lower your race times. We will work on developing an optimal stride rate by training- intervals, Fartlek runs, hill running, and stride rate training runs.

STRIDE LENGTH The distance you travel from one foot strike to the next. Improving your stride length can also lower your race times. We will work on core strength, muscle strength, flexibility, and relaxing while running.

STRIDE ENDURANCE The ability to maintain an optimum stride rate & stride length during the entire race. All of your training is synergistically designed to increase your stride endurance.


You may have noticed that most great coaches (those that can effectively guide athletes past what holds them back, and onto personal best) were not super star athletes themselves. They don't have the highest VO2MAX, nor have they set any world records. No, they're the ones with the curiosity to figure out HOW, and WHY.

How much mileage does this runner need to excel without breaking down? How many times a week should they run? How will this change, or that change, move them in the right direction? And so on, and so on.

But even more important is WHY. Why this workout, why that pace, why this stretch, or that food.

When I was 10 years old my mom bought me my very own "Tell Me Why" book. I guess it was her attempt to end the non-stop daily questions of why. I didn't ask just to carry on conversation. I asked because I needed to know. Deep down inside I couldn't let it go, I couldn't say to myself "oh-well, it's not important". I needed to ask until there were no questions left. To the point I truly understood why.

This is how running became my career. What started as a simple question in my head eventually lead to owning a running specialty store, coaching hundreds of runners, and learning to run every distance up to ultra-marathons and triathlons.

If you are truly passionate about running and would like to learn about your HOW and WHY, then take a moment to sit down with me and discover what options you have in front of you. The consultation is free, you don't have to use my coaching services, but please use to set you in the right direction.

David Pajer


About Coach Dave
I was not born with any particular running skills. No one else in my family runs. And even thou that makes me an unlikely candidate, I have been able to learn how to run to achieve my goals. I started back in the early 80's by signing up for a 10k race at Tyler state park. Trained 1 week. Even lifted weights the night before. I now know that's a very bad idea!

That day I was very overconfident and very undertrained. I looked around at the other runners, and thought "he looks slow" - "grandma over there looks slow". Well by mile 1 all of those people that I had identified as "slow", had passed me. A few miles later I had blisters on both feet. At the end I watched all those "slow" people go up and receive awards.

So what went wrong? What made grandma run that fast? That began my journey into running. During those beginning years I developed many running injuries. At times I thought I was just not cut out to be a fast healthy runner. I started reading everything I could find and talk with anyone who seemed to know about running.

  • by 1989 I ran my first marathon in Baltimore and came in 19th overall, qualifying and running the Boston Marathon
  • In 1991 I opened Training Zone Sports, a running specialty store that I operated for 20 years
  • Started the bucks 5k series
  • Trained 100's of runners for pretty much every distance
  • Competed in the Ironman triathlon
  • and even ran 62 miles one night just to see what it felt like, if I could, and if I liked it (and yes I liked it)

All this was accomplished by creating skills that I did not naturally possess and by using "runner hacks". This is the power of the information I pass on to my runners. This is the information I share here on Run360.

A few bucket list items:

  • Western States Belt Buckle (Must run the 100 miles in under 24 hours)
  • Run from Dtown to the ocean (100 miles, raise money for a favorite charity, with lots of runners)
  • Set a world record for speed or distance at at 80, 90, and 100.
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